Vlad Criznic

Vlad leads our team in Romania, boldly preaching, teaching, and defending Christianity throughout Romania and Eastern Europe.

Vlad Criznic is the Director of RZIM Zacharias Trust, Romania. He grew up in a non-Christian family in the western part of Romania and became a Christian when he was 16. Ever since, he was involved with various ministries in doing evangelistic camps and events for the youth ministries of Romanian Evangelical Churches. Among them is Josiah Venture and the Romanian Missionary Society. Graduating in 2008 from the Emanuel University of Oradea with a B.A. in Pastoral Theology, following apologetics training while being an Associate of the RZIM Zacharias Trust in Oxford. Vlad is married to Dora; they live in Arad, Romania, leading the RZIM Zacharias Trust Romania, travelling through Romania and Eastern Europe in order to preach, teach and defend Christianity.

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