Yutaro Kato

Yutaro Kato is the first-ever OCCA Fellow from Japan and works with the Asia-Pacific team based in Singapore. Yutaro comes from a long family line of Christians and is passionate about the unity of the global Church.

Yutaro Kato is an OCCA Fellow based in Singapore. Yutaro was born in Japan and graduated from Kyoto University, one of the top universities in Japan, with a Bachelor’s degree of Educational Studies in 2017.

Yutaro comes from a long family line of Christians. His grandfather founded the church in Yutaro’s home city of Fukuoka, where his uncle and grandfather now lead the church. His father is also serving a church near Kobe, Japan. Yutaro first discovered RZIM online and soon became interested to study at the OCCA one-year program. He became the very first OCCA graduate from Japan.

He is currently working in Singapore and sharing the beauty and truth of the Christian message at universities, marketplaces, and churches.

Upcoming Appearances by Yutaro Kato

Examining the Faith

St. Andrews Cathedral (Next to City Hall MRT)

July 27

Jose Phillip, Max Jeganathan, Yutaro Kato
Session 1: How can a loving God save only some?
Session 2: If God is all-powerful, why am I trapped by anxiety?
Will this be open to the public?

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