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How can you use the completion of the Core Module for academic credit?

RZIM Academy students have several opportunities to receive either graduate or continuing education credit for completing our courses.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School offers transferable credit by completing the Core Module, which is offered once in the Fall (September) and once in the Spring (February).

Graduate Students - Use the Core Module for Graduate-Level Credit

If you are pursuing a graduate-level degree, you may be eligible to use the RZIM Academy Core Module for 2 hours of graduate school credit (GSC) through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) as a visiting student. You would seek approval from their current graduate school academic official to ensure transfer credit is approved before enrolling in the RZIM Academy Core Module/GSC section. You are responsible for contacting your graduate school for transfer credit approval.

The total cost of the Core Module/GSC section is $499.

In addition to receiving 2 hours of graduate-level credit, you will have access to weekly office hours for questions about the course, receive evaluation and feedback on all assignments, and be able to transfer these graduate hours to any other institution that accepts transfer credits from TEDS.

Step 1: Verify with your current graduate school the approval of TEDS graduate credit transfer.
Step 2: Once approval is received, register for the RZIM Academy Core Module/GSC section.
Step 3: Complete Visiting Student Application for TEDS on Trinity’s website.
Step 4: Submit TEDS Course Registration Form to RZIM Academy for enrollment in GSC section.
Step 5: Begin RZIM Core Module/GSC section on February 10, 2020.

For more information, please see GSC - Trinity - FAQ page.

Talbot School of Theology offers advanced standing to applicants who have completed the Core Module prior to enrollment.

RZIM Academy Core Module can be applied towards either a Master of Arts - Christian Apologetics or Master of Arts - Science & Religion. Students who successfully complete the Core Module can receive 2 units of advanced standing at Talbot towards a M.A. Christian Apologetics or M.A. Science & Religion degree.

Anyone who has completed the Core Module at any time in the past is eligible for the advanced standing units. Please contact info@rzimacademy.org for more information.

The total cost of the Core Module is $229.

For registration dates and links to register see the Core Module information page.

Teachers/Administrators - Use the Core Module for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

You may complete the Core Module with RZIM Academy for continuing education units (CEUs) based on the local school administrator/supervisor approval of individual teacher professional development plan. CEUs are designed and approved at the school level and submitted by the school administration to the accrediting agencies as documentation that teachers are growing professionally in their pedagogical skills and subject matter knowledge. The school administration is responsible for contacting the school’s accreditation board for approval that the completion of the RZIM Academy Core Module as a component of a professional development plan aligns with the accrediting board standards.

The total CEUs awarded = 24 unit hours, based on a 12-week online course with a minimum of 2 hours weekly engagement.

If you hold a valid teaching certificate, you are responsible for contacting your state teacher certification board for approval that the completion of the RZIM Academy Core Module may be used toward teacher certificate renewal. See Use the Core Module for Graduate-Level Credit.

The total cost of the Core Module is $229.

For registration dates and links to register see the Core Module information page.

Graduate Certificate in Christian Apologetics and Credit for Any RZIM Academy Course

Evangelical Seminary now offers a Certificate in Christian Apologetics, which counts as 15 hours (3 hours per course) towards a qualifying masters degree. Students can also receive transferable graduate credit for any RZIM Academy course through Evangelical Seminary. Students would need to be accepted to Evangelical Seminary and pay an additional transcript fee for each RZIM Academy course they have successfully completed. The corresponding credit from Evangelical can then be applied in three ways:

  1. To earn a Graduate-level Certificate in Christian Apologetics by completing 5 courses and paying the transcript fee.
  2. To transfer credit hours to another institution.
  3. To apply these hours to any qualifying masters degree at Evangelical Seminary.

Students will need to register and complete RZIM Academy courses, and then contact Evangelical Seminary to request credit. More information can be found here.

Continuing Education Units for Teachers/Administrators

You may complete the Core Module and many RZIM Academy electives for continuing education units (CEUs). All of our courses have now been approved by the Association of Christian Schools International for continuing education units. If you are a teacher, or know someone who is, teachers can learn with us and receive CEUs toward professional development and teacher certificates. Even if your school is not part of ACSI, you may still be able to receive continuing education hours.

Our courses have been approved and assigned the following CEUs amount, with CEU type (either Bible or Educational or approved to serve as both Bible and Educational)

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