RZIM Academy

Student Feedback

We receive feedback from students at the end of every course. Read a few of the comments below.

“This class has been life changing in terms of my witnessing to others.”

“I feel like I have developed in leaps and bounds towards being able to communicate why it is reasonable and most important to believe and live the Christian message. Thank you again and again!”

“Thank you making this available, it is needed. I am stretched and filled and still chomping on the meat! :)”

I have a BA and MA and I have worked in the schools for 25 years. I even went to Bible College for awhile. This is by far the best class I have ever taken.

"Thank you all for creating an environment where we could be free to share our own difficulties and short-comings in our walk with Christ. I really appreciated the feeling of unity (without necessarily uniformity) as we all strive to build our relationship with Him.”

This course has exceeded my expectations. I really have enjoyed all parts of the program. I feel like I’ve formed friendships and bonds with the participants in my section and with the moderator. The interviews and assignments were stimulating, and resulted in conversations that I might not have been able to have if it weren’t for the course. (It’s an easier thing to ask someone of a different worldview to discuss religion in order to help you with a course assignment!) I love, too, that it is structured so that people who have full-time jobs can still profit from the course. It is what you make of it. I hate to see it end, honestly.

"This has been a tremendous course! What I think of as we are finishing now, and as I’ve listened to each lecture, is that we’ve so needed to have more teaching like this in our churches. It would be truly awesome if this could be core work for all who are disciples of Christ – starting from our children’s ministry right on through our youth and into adult discipleship. What a change that could bring about.”

“I’m so thankful to RZIM for this opportunity. And I am amazed and impressed by all of you, my fellow classmates. There is a genuine spirit of shared purpose that runs through all the discussions. I’ve received encouragement from you all. You’ve forced me (in a very good way) to be genuinely thoughtful in my reading and responding to your posts. I hope that makes some kind of sense. There is a transparency to what we’ve all asked and commented upon that demands respect and thoughtfulness. I honestly think it is the Spirit’s working among us.”

Before I started these classes with RZIM Academy, every time I would start to talk to someone from another religion/world view, I would almost always get into an argument, especially with my girlfriend. Looking back on it, it was because I didn’t know how to explain or articulate the Christian faith, also I didn’t know how to listen… But after 12 weeks of Apologetics with RZIM, I have had many, many religious discussions and none of them has turned into an argument.

"The information has been first rate. My heart has been stirred, my mind has been stretched but my desire to share Jesus has been strengthened moreover. I’m feeling a new vim and vigour to go out and shout about it!”

“I’m also very thankful for this course! It has grounded me in my beliefs and I feel as though I can increasingly see everything in the world through those beliefs! It has also challenged me to get out there and thoughtfully engage in conversations with people.”

“I am not overstating that this has been a life-changing experience for me.”

“This course had a profound impact on me in many ways. I have learned so much more about others’ worldviews, about listening to what might be behind the questions people ask, and most of all, I feel more confident in the area of sharing my faith due to the knowledge I have gained about pantheism and atheism, and Islam; worldviews shared by many people I know well. I plan to continue studying Apologetics and hope to take RZIM courses in the future. Thank you very much for this opportunity.”

“I REALLY enjoyed the course; it was everything I had hoped for.”

I’m a pastor and I’ve already been able to begin implementing some of the things I’m learning with our church. The thing I’ve noticed the most is a restoration of courage to our people when it comes to sharing the gospel. I have loved every lecture and I’m looking forward to the electives.

“There was…a lot that I found enlightening. Much of the information that was presented gave me a new light to view God from. It helped me not only cement my own perspectives in what I have a secure hope is Godly, but also to just understand where others might be coming from.”

I am going into full time ministry with a church planting team in south central Europe and I have already recommended this course to the team there as a group training! It is an awesome tool for people who are not able to attend OCCA physically and have a desire to grow in apologetics training. It is affordable and wonderful training by the best!

“I liked learning more HOW to answer and question the questioner to realize more what his question is in the first place. THANK YOU very much for your efforts, books, publications. It was especially encouraging to see others like myself in the discussion groups that thought in similar ways.”

“Just my enthusiastic gratitude for having this be available. For the price we paid, we got exponentially more value from this course than anything we’d get for the same price at any university anywhere. The quality of the content was world-class, and having real interactions with people from around the globe was stimulating and encouraging. I am so glad that apologetics is being sought after as a discipline by so many people from all parts of the world. Glory to God!”

“This course is a brilliant outpouring of the magnificence and genius of God through teachers He gifted with exceptional minds and hearts. I pray that He will use every single word to shape all of our futures. My life has changed in a way I never expected. I feel as if I have been freed from a prison and that I have a right to breath, love, think, express myself, not be perfect, not have the answers all at once and mostly to appreciate my God more than ever before. Thank you to all of you. Thank you Brandon for being such a good moderator. Thank you class for acknowledging me and supporting me and sharing your invaluable insights. I hope we meet again on the pages of a forum. I intend to become an Alumni so that I can listen to these lectures over and over again. I am writing a week early because my heart is overflowing with appreciation. Best wishes to us all in Jesus holy name.”

“Though my interview seamed simple, it was interesting to me. I have worked with this person for over 20 years. I have shared the gospel many times. Yet i really never took the time to listen to his worldview. it was very eye opening that I was really the one to closed to see others views and how they have arrived at them. I am learning to listen better, not just listening to rebut, but listening to understand. This is bringing about a new love for people i’m not sure i really had. Im[sic] also learned that though people can include God, the biblical God in their view they still may not have hope or meaning. Because they don’t have a correct view of God.”

“Since this is all pretty new for me even though I’ve been a christian for many years, I am learning to increase my own world through the eyes of others.”

“I really enjoyed this interview. I found it easier not to interject ‘my truth.’ I think our conversation is a seed for future thought on her part. I’m glad she saw that I was not judging her for not believing in God. I don’t think I would have initiated this conversation without the assignment, knowing how uncomfortable she is with the topic. It encourages me to start ‘the conversation’ with others. ”

Thank you. The effect this course, the lecturers, and their lectures have had on me has been profound. I feel you have rescued me from stagnation and apathy and given me purpose, and a fresh glimpse of the majesty and kindness of God to me. My greatest challenge is to work on the apologist and draw closer to Christ. Thank you.

“I should like to thank Dr. Zacharias and his excellent team for all their dedication for a world-class presentation of worldviews and apologetics. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course. It provided me with numerous helpful insights on discussing worldviews with other individuals with different worldviews from my own, and it strengthened my faith in God immeasurably.”

“I am most grateful to everyone who made this course a reality! I can think of no course that has impacted my confidence in sharing the Gospel in the way that this one has. What a rare privilege to have had world leaders in various Christian disciplines teach us!”

“Well done those of you who designed the course. It is challenging but doable, completely realistic in the requirements, and satisfying each time a segment is complete, EXCEPT… now I would like to study even more! Looking forward to the first elective. Many thanks to all!!”

“The most helpful part of the course was the comprehensiveness of it. It wasn’t just lectures, which are passive, but it included quizzes and assignments – which are active, as well as a forum – which was engaging… and invaluable! I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to pinpoint one thing that was most helpful to me. I was, and still am, blown away at what I’ve received from this course. I came in expecting a certain thing and left having received a tremendous amount more – with more to look forward to in the upcoming electives.”

Not only has this course shed light on various worldviews, but it has also shed light on my own Christian worldview. I loved that although I gained such a great amount of knowledge in both my own worldview and other worldviews–intelligence and winning arguments was not what was stressed, but rather compassion, caring for others, listening, and presenting the person of Jesus Christ, whether through our words or through our gentleness. Similarly, the interview assignments have encouraged and motivated me to have discussions with my friends, family, and people in my life more often.;

“I have read several of Ravi’s books and been involved with RZIM for years. And yet this course challenged me at a whole new level. First, It was a commitment and accountability to learn more about apologetics. In my mind, the interview assignments really make this course what it is. I devoted a lot of time and energy with the people I interviewed and we met several times afterwards. It helped to solidify what I was learning and I am so glad I took the time to invest myself in this. I am very grateful for this opportunity!”

“I’m extremely glad I jumped in and participated in the Core Module. In some ways it’s been life changing. I definitely feel a greater measure of gentle confidence to share my faith with unbelievers. I’m sure there will still be moments where I’ll have to overcome fear but I have to say thank you to God and to RZIM academy for the tools you’ve given me to overcome fear and better communicate my worldview with gentleness and respect as well as understand an opposing worldview. Thank you to all the lecturers and to all who have made RZIM possible. This academy is an invaluable resource to the body of Christ to strengthen believers in their faith. Truly grateful!”

"I felt since I arrived in the UK that building relationships is more difficult than what I am used to back home. Yet, I have managed to strike up conversations with colleagues about God and faith – something that I battled back at home where I considered everyone more approachable. The course has given me different ways of approaching difficult topics. The biggest thing I think I learned was to listen to the questioner and see their hearts. For me, as an engineer, It comes more naturally to look at and try and “solve” the problem which might (and have in the past) alienated the person further.”

This class really got me over some fear of talking to people about my faith and exploring their worldview. The lectures were the most informative part, but the interviews were where the rubber meets the road. My life is changed because of those interviews.

“Thank you for this course. I wish that I had learned this years and years ago. I wish that churches would offer it and help more believers to become more effective in sharing the gospel! Thank you so much, Ravi and team! God Bless you!”

“Having the note outlines to print before watching the class was very helpful. As far as the class itself, I think it offered a great intro to apologetics – what it is, and what the goal of apologetics really is (not just winning arguments). It helped so much to see that our faith truly is reasonable; it is not just blind faith with no evidence to back it up. It makes sense.”

“This course has completely changed how I view Apologetics and sharing the gospel.”

By far the most helpful part of the course for me was the encouragement to be aware of my own heart first when communicating with someone. To patiently listen with love, care and respect. I like Michelle Tepper’s comment in her lecture, ‘Significance can be defined as being worthy of attention or importance.’ My hope and desire is to grow and become genuinely Christlike in this characteristic of humility. To value people because they are valuable to God.

“The emphasis on the questioner and not just the question. But also, the emphasis on the apologist himself. I’ve become very aware of a certain degree of pride when I discuss these topics as well as a lack of genuine compassion for the person I’m discussing with. It has led me to really question myself and my own motives for engaging in apologetics. I trust that God will lead the way.”

“The depth of knowledge as well as the demeanor of the team of people giving the lectures. I have enjoyed Ravi for decades & it appears he is expanding his reach via his team, this is excellent and the people he has included in the team, in my view, are exceptional. Keep it up!”

“I have come away with such a bigger heart for people. I have softened so much over the course of this module. I started a new job, and am surrounded by homosexuals. Normally, I would be thinking of the arsenal with which I would defeat their arguments. Instead, now I value their company, knowing that their experiences, most likely, have guided them to their current outlook and that with grace and compassion I may make myself available to answer any questions they have, so as to see Christ, and not the arguments for which they must be deluded.”

“The interviews were great. I learned a lot about myself and those with opposing worldviews. I’m much more comfortable and confident with having faith-related discussions with others.”

"[What was most helpful?] Everything. It literally opened my eyes up. I have learned much more in this course than most of the books I have read.”

“The interview was the most eye-opening to the value of asking questions. I would say that it was life-changing for me.”

“THE LECTURE ON DOUBT. The other lectures on Evil and Suffering and Naturalism by John Lennox and others were very though provoking and encouraging to hear from people in academic realm believe in Jesus Christ. The interview assignments are first steps to get people like me, who do not normally approach people to discuss about what they believe, is a very good way to engage in dialogue, of course in the end, hoping others would be reconciled to God.”

“How to present an argument as well as the attitude required in apologetics. Any one can read a book. But how to use the knowledge in practical terms is key. It is also what sets this program apart in my opinion.”

I am raving to all my friends about this course! Thank you so much for putting it together. God bless the RZIM team!

“This course provided the foundation I was looking for. I feel as if I learned a ton, and now am at the point where I need more practical application and real-time discussion to become more confident in my approach. There were two standouts for me: one was using Ravi’s 3.4.5 grid to organize my own approach to an apologetic, and the second was the continued reinforcement to remember the questioner behind the question.”

“[What was most helpful?] Unquestionably the lectures. Wow! I want to go back to them and listen again and again.”

“I frankly don’t know how to respond! The teaching was incredible. I feel so much better equipped to communicate the Biblical Christian worldview to others than before. The interview assignments were also incredibly valuable! God used them in a powerful way in my life. Thank you for making this course both intellectually challenging/stimulating and also highly practical in the real world where I attempt to serve the Lord faithfully. I am incredibly grateful for this course!”

“I LOVED this course, and I’m so incredibly thankful for what I’ve learned!”

“Only to say that I am so very grateful for this opportunity to participate in this module with RZIM. I have a great many of my own questions of faith answered and that has empowered me to be able to talk more freely with others – though, there is certainly more work to be done on my part. THANK YOU, ALL.”

Thank you so much for making this type of learning available. For me, as a mom of three children, I could never attend a conference. The ability to do the course work at my convenience and to be able to catch up after the week had passed, made it possible for me to complete all the work. Access to these kinds of scholars would be impossible and I learned a tremendous amount. I will purchase the ability to go back and review the lectures because it is impossible to retain the amount of great information with only one viewing. Again, thank you!

“For me, the entire course gave me a peaceful confidence about my Christianity that allows me to relax when engaging with other worldviews. There is SO much evidence of the Truth of Christianity! As a lifelong believer,trusting Jesus as a young child and surrounded by a family of believers in the “Bible Belt”, I often doubted the validity of my arguments since I have never been skeptical of the Christian faith. Also, my relationship with God and and His Son have always been just that – a relationship; with emotional,spiritual personal life interaction more than intellectual analysis. But having concrete evidence from brilliant minds that I cannot approach, gives me this support that strengthens me. Thank you to all of RZIM for all you are doing-each of you! And I thank God for the vision given to Ravi and D.D. Davis those many years ago.(I first heard of the ministry in Youngstown, Ohio where I lived for many years) I pray for all of you often.”

“I think it was the confidence with which the lecturers spoke of the Christian worldview and the passion and strength of conviction with which it was communicated. Vince Vitale in week 8 was profoundly helpful, as was learning more about the Trinity from Michelle. in week 4. The opportunity to engage my brain in a serious and worthwhile manner while being a mother and pastor’s wife has not been mine since university. I have thrived in engaging once again. Thank you.”
“[What was most helpful?] Basically in teaching me how to think and even challenge my assumptions. Is what I believe reasonable? Does it hold up to scrutiny? Can I articulate it to another? I think after being “churched” for many years our brain is filled with little packets of canned answers/ideas and might sound pretty meaningless to a non-believer without the same foundation of belief that I have. I’m better equipped now to compassionately seek to understand another’s world view and shape my responses more appropriately.”

“As I stated before, I believe that the variety of speakers, and their topics really contributed to making this course a real blessing to me. Quite honestly, I also enjoyed the introductions of the different speakers by their peers to be very encouraging. I get the feeling that all of the various team members at RZIM have a genuine appreciation for one another and their particular specialty. I like that, and draw confidence from that for the validity of their message. I should also add that having the Lecture Notes, beforehand, was really a large help for me. I don’t believe that I could teach the lectures from the notes, but there is enough good material there, that I will feel confident to use them as a skeleton to offer my own lectures to my students in Thailand.”

"I am so appreciative of what Ravi and his team presented. It has encouraged me to maybe think about the summer class. also, I felt encouraged that many others struggle with the same issues I do in witnessing. This was money well spent!”

“The most helpful part was the discussions with my son here at home that it provided.”

“Interview #1 really showed me how easy it is to ask people to share their worldview. Listening is a valuable exercise in itself, and makes the speaker feel valued. Both interviews will be followed up by a deeper relationship, and that’s very encouraging.”

“I have read several of Ravi’s books and been involved with RZIM for years. And yet this course challenged me at a whole new level. First, It was a commitment and accountability to learn more about apologetics. In my mind, the interview assignments really make this course what it is. I devoted a lot of time and energy with the people I interviewed and we met several times afterwards. It helped to solidify what I was learning and I am so glad I took the time to invest myself in this. I am very grateful for this opportunity!”

“So grateful you created the RZIM Academy!!”

Already by the second interview I had tools (mental tools, that is) in place to be able to turn the conversation to Jesus in a way I simply could not have previously (and that’s after spending my whole life in church!). The Core Module caused me to consider what I believe and why. In particular It provided me tools to help validate reliability of scripture. I am less likely to withdraw when someone calls scripture is into question.

"ABSOLUTELY! I began this course as a way to prepare myself for a trip to New York in July for The Lamplighter Guild, and I didn’t really know what it was about. My mom had recommended it and had decided to take the course as well. As soon as I began this course, I discovered a huge passion for apologetics and it really woke me up to how I had dialogued with others before taking the course. I used to get confused and flustered and frustrated and out of breath when talking about my faith to my cousin, who is a Jehovah’s Witness and one of my dear friends. After beginning this course, I realized just how terrible of an example I was of Christ’s love when I had had those discussions with her. This course has helped me so much, that in doing my second interview, I received feedback from my coworker, who had been present when I interviewed a mutual friend, about how grateful and happy she was that I could talk about religion and my beliefs without shoving it the faces of others and getting hot-headed. This encouraged me so much because it was a completely different me than when I talked to my cousin when I was younger.”

This class blew my mind! I’ve found that this class has caused me to think about God nonstop. I wake up and I am listening to another of Ravi’s audiobooks. I deal with a horrid co-worker and I am praying. My prayer life has blossomed. I am less afraid of the future than I was before. Is anyone absolutely on fire for God like I have become? I almost feel like I need to go for a long long run, I’m just bursting with energy as to what I can do to honor God or see what else He has for me! I can’t get enough!

"This class was challenging to me in so many ways. I think I’m going to have to review this over and over and over again. I will continue to seek opportunities to dialogue with those with different worldviews and will go on to read some of the books on the recommended reading list.”

“This course has grown me so much! I am so eternally grateful that this course was created. I used to think that apologetics was a very interesting subject but I wasn’t quite sure how to begin or what exactly to do. This has been such an amazing learning experience. I feel that this has matured me and helped me to reflect on my own actions and heart. I now better understand just how to talk to others about what they believe and what I believe. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I started this course. Because of this class I have begun reading other books and finding interest in things I used to dislike! This really changed my heart. Thank you RZIM!”

“Let me echo the kind words and praises placed on here by so many people about the wonderfulness this course provided us. It is truly a blessing to be trained in such an important area of our faith as apologetics and to be done so with the utmost of respect for those of different viewpoints while underscoring the ability and even need to challenge those views while not alienating those we are trying to reach. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for all the lecturers and minsters of RZIM, and I look eagerly forward to expanding my own failth an knowledge with you in the very near future.”

The greatest change in my life that I’ve noticed since participating in both courses is simply the desire and confidence to discuss Christianity. I currently have 2 friends that I’ve known for over 40 years, and we are just now making a point to meet for dinners to discuss things of God and life. My own attitude is more confident yet also more patient. I am certain this is happening because of my participation in the Core Module, and God bringing fruit from it.

"[What was most helpful?] Getting me out of my shell and forcing me to interact with real people and what they believe. I ended up having a 3 hour discussion with a friend about faith and Christianity, when I had never discussed faith that deeply before, or fielded questions like that.”

“In the middle of this course, I really felt drawn to deepen my understanding and depth of learning. In my times of prayer and closeness with God I have been asking Him what He wants me to do to help people come to the kingdom. I applied to Biola University for a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics. I hope to use my learning in this course, my own studies and future studies to help students and Christians reach beyond themselves, and I hope to use a degree to help reach to places I otherwise couldn’t, such as other churches and college campuses. Thank you RZIM for helping me to reach beyond myself and to engage with people and culture in a way that I did not before. Thank you for helping me to come to a knowledge of a calling to deepen my understanding of apologetics and working to bring people to Christ.”

I felt that I was already knowledgeable with the academic answers before this course, but now I feel that I can be more sympathetic and bridge the emotional gap more easily.

"Loved the class. I truly believe it has changed the way I think in how I relate to people and also deepened my faith.”

“I have already seen the change in me. I am no longer afraid to ask another about their world view, and I feel more solidly planted in both the logic and coherence of mine.”

“[What this course helpful?] How can I say this with tears in my eyes and with enthusiasm? YES YES YES !!!!”

“It has been incredibly helpful, as it has combined knowledge and facts with the much more important idea of learning to lovingly and respectfully deal with people’s questions and objections rather than simply trying to win a debate.”

“If anything, it has most accomplished the goal that Ravi mentioned early in the course that all apologists must have, that is, “the primary goal of the apologist is the apologist himself.” I received so many answers, my faith has been strengthened. THANK YOU!!!”

“[What was most helpful?] The worldview assignments really helped me change the way I approach conversations now. I try to discover more from the other person rather than look for opportunities to spout my side of the argument.”

“I learned so much. The lectures need more unpacking in my mind so I intend to maintain access to them as an alum. I’ve never had the opportunity to have so many highly qualified speakers. I’m telling all of my friends.”

"Absolutely. This course is amazing. I was blown away at how much time I wanted to devote to it each week. This course challenged me unlike any course I have taken before.”

I appreciated that the course didn’t focus solely on apologetics – that is, focus solely on the right answers but how to effectively reach people.

"Without a doubt it has. I have spoken with and brought more people to church with me in the last 12 weeks than in the last 20 years… It’s been amazing and lifechanging for me. Thank you…”

“I definitely feel more confident to speak about my faith than I did at the beginning of the course and also more confident that I will know how to do so in a respectful and honest way. This course has really helped me to realise the importance of my manner when engaging with people in such deep discussion, this is even reflected in my everyday conversations outside of Christianity. But mostly I have appreciated that I have a better understanding of how to point someone who does have honest questions to Jesus.”

“It has already helped me in discussions and debates dramatically.”

“Putting a framework around my faith Christ. That may sound silly or like it should have been there all along, which it was, but this course has really helped me to be able to articulate it to other people in a loving, coherent and logical way. I love the fact that when I did the last interview I really felt as though if he started asking me questions I wouldn’t have felt I was at a loss for words. I would have felt I could articulate why he needs to look to Jesus. I don’t know that I would have had that sense before the course.”

“I have had a weekly meeting with a group of men in a town about 20 miles north of where I live over the entire time that I have been participating in RZIM studies either through the organized courses or internet presentations. I have used the things I have learned here more and more as that time has passed. Yesterday the organizer of the original group told me that he had seen tremendous improvement in my participation through greater clarity of thought and willingness to address strongly held opinions with a winsome approach. I have felt much more prepared to address errors in thinking without alienating some guys with very well set opinions.”

“This academy is something that challenged me immensely, in a good way. I thought about things I never really did before. It challenged me to look at my beliefs and why I believe Christianity is the truth, Jesus is the truth. This course not only created a foundation for my faith but created with absolute certainty the Jesus is the only truth. I hope through Christ I can speak into others lives with kindness and respect, and give them the message of the Gospel with a Christ-like attitude. I am beyond grateful and beyond blessed to have an opportunity to be involved with this module and look forward to future endeavors.”

“From the very first week it has changed how I listen and respond.”

“I give significant credit to the benefits of the RZIM courses in establishing the framework through which this communication has been initiated. I am witnessing a small but genuine revival of unity and purpose. I praise God for moving these hearts, including mine, to a greater love.”

“I have witnessed a softening of tone within the group on many levels. In recent months the anti-Muslim rhetoric has lessened through discussing the cultural pressures of Islam and the fact that they, at times, seem more devout than many Christians in their pursuit of God. The same tones were modified in the discussion of the homosexual issue. At the end of the yesterday we reached a new agreement in which we will endeavor to consider all ideas, whether political, social, or any other category, within the framework of a Biblical worldview. We further agreed to search the scriptures between meetings for insight into any areas where consensus was missing. There has been a real change going on in the hearts of these men as we all focus on the leading of Jesus in our thought life.”

“I have had a weekly meeting with a group of men in a town about 20 miles north of where I live over the entire time that I have been participating in RZIM studies either through the organized courses or internet presentations. I have used the things I have learned here more and more as that time has passed. Yesterday the organizer of the original group told me that he had seen tremendous improvement in my participation through greater clarity of thought and willingness to address strongly held opinions with a winsome approach. I have felt much more prepared to address errors in thinking without alienating some guys with very well set opinions.”

I have to admit that my own reasons at the beginning of taking this course were all focused on gaining knowledge and tactics so that I can stand strong in arguments about the gospel and Christ. Now at the end, I’ve had a total shift of mind and my focus going forward will be on the heart of the questioner. I’ll use the knowledge and wisdom gained to sow the seed of the gospel on the hearts of unbelievers that will hopefully leave them wanting and open for the Holy Spirt to then sweep in and change those hearts.

“I love it all. The lectures were superb. I thought the differentiating aspect of this curriculum (I have taken multiple graduation level apologetic classes) is the emphasize on the ‘how’ of apologetics. That said, I thought the Q&A’s were outstanding and the two interviews were fantastic aspects.”

The most helpful part of the course for me was learning how to give coherent answers to the christian worldview. This course has tremendously helped me to understand the importance of answering the questioner not just the question. I often got heated and winning the argument became the ultimate objective. Now I understand it is about loving the questioner through the process. Thank you RZIM Academy, I am most grateful for all you do! I feel I have grown intellectually, personally and relationally through the course. I think it strikes a good balance of being challenging yet adaptable to individual time constraints and goals. Most of all, it encouraged my heart and my faith in Jesus. Thank you!

“Nothing but praise. So you know, I was both Ranger and Special Forces qualified in the US Army. I have a degree in Accounting, and a law degree. I am presently an elected circuit judge in Missouri, and have to attend continuing education classes every few months. This class contained some of the best instruction I have ever received. I am now going to see what other classes you offer, and will probably offer services to my church for respite help for small-church pastors. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“This has been such a great experience for me. The material was very challenging at times, but it stretched me and challenged me to think about why I believe what I believe and also encouraged me to ask deeper questions to understand people from different worldviews. I am very glad I took this course! Thank you so much!”

“This course was absolutely enjoyable and fantastic! I think that every christian should do this course as a foundation to dialogue and engage with individuals of different world views and more effectively point them to Jesus. I think that i have learnt so much more about islam, naturalism, atheism, eastern religion and feel more confident in having an answer for my friends and more excited to engage in conversation rather than shying away.”

“Learning how to ask other people questions about their world view. So often I have given the gospel to others with out a lot thought about what they think or where they come from. This will forever change the way I interact with people with a hope of sharing the gospel.”

Talking to others of different worldviews is so enjoyable and fulfilling now. I actually feel the love flowing even when we are at odds.

“Thank you so much for this course. They way I approach sharing the gospel and defending my faith has been changed for the better, and my walk with Christ has most definitely grown closer over these past months.”

“I have so thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this program and have recommended it already to several people. Theological education is something with which I am very familiar. I have my undergrad in it and my Masters of Divinity. I would say that this program has been just as, if not more educational and appropriately preparatory for those who desire to go into ministry as any I have experienced. I know the desire is for this program to be such for all Believers and not just career ministers. You have most certainly accomplished that, and then some. I have not experienced another “Christian education” program that is as robust and excellent as this one. Well done and THANK YOU. I am more grateful than I have words to express to you all for this. I sincerely and genuinely mean it when I say, every other program would do well to take notes from this ministry on training Believers.”

This is the best Christian education of its kind I have ever been a part of. Incredible

“This course is wonderful. I have learned so much and it is transforming my life.”

“Every lecture was not only invigoratingly intellectual, but also filled with a lot of compassion!”

“Before I had no idea of how to interact with another worldview. Now, I know, through Christ, I can be valid player in discussions of worldview and higher thought.”

“The lectures really helped me understand Christianity more and deepened my relationship with God. The knowledge and skills taught took away all the fear I had to talk about my faith. Now I can communicate with less fear and anger. My heart feels for those I communicate with much more than it did before. It’s no longer about having a screaming match and winning it is so much more about loving, listening, sharing the truth and being okay with the few steps taken towards Christ with every conversation.”

“[Do you feel like it the course has helped you?] Yes! Yes! Yes! I have learned I can talk/listen/discuss worldviews with people…”

The best course I have ever decided to do. I feel enthusiastic and far better equipped.”

“I have to say that I’m extremely glad I took this course. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time. It was a great experience!! Thank you!!”

“Thank you thank you thank you for creating this course. God truly led me to this class and it has taught me so much, growing me in my relationship with Him, and growing me in the way I interact with others.”

“Before this class I believed having the intellectual arguments to discuss issues of faith with people was essential. There has been some excellent intellectual material presented that has bolstered my faith. However, looking back on these lectures I believe that my ability to listen to those far from God and ask questions to get at why they believe what they believe will serve me well in the future. I look forward to continue to learn and read and build my own faith. But I’m really interested in talking to people who have great questions and lead them to Jesus!”

“I am so thankful I have been able to take this amazing core course. The compassion, respect and expertise demonstrated by the gifted group of speakers is beyond compare. And Ivy and Carolyn have been extremely helpful, understanding and encouraging. To you my fellow students, thanks for sharing your questions, reflections and spiritual insights in such a caring and respectful way. This experience has challenged me to learn more by reviewing the lectures again, getting in the word and on my knees more. I now feel I have a much better understanding of how to respectfully listen to others about their world view and share my Christian worldview. Still lots to learn! From the bottom of my heart thank you all and hopefully we will meet again in future courses.”

“The Core Module is a transformative experience. The course outline is relevant and encourages me how to offer the reason for hope through Jesus Christ.”

“I grew exponentially in my understanding of not only the answers to questioners but how to truly minster to them by bridging their question to their heart.”

LOVED this class!!! Every christian should take it & every christian high school shd offer this as a core class required by each student.”

“So, I enjoyed the lectures the most. However, I will say that I did appreciate reading how other people reacting to lectures and their own personal interviews and thoughts. I found it enlightening and gave me a reason to take the advice of the first couple lectures: that of having compassion and love for those I talk with.”

“I think the lectures were the most helpful part for me. I largely signed on to the academy for personal edification and learning. I have been constantly seeking for centers of apologetics that have a God centered ministry. I have run into a few apologetics groups that … focus more on their profession or worldview than they do God. RZIM is fantastic for coming back to Christ. Thank you.”

“The Core Module is an exceptional program and one that has profited me immensely.”

“Thank you for this course. I wish that I had learned this years and years ago. I wish that churches would offer it and help more believers to become more effective in sharing the gospel! Thank you so much, Ravi and team! God Bless you!”

“I’m extremely glad I jumped in and participated in the Core Module. In some ways it’s been life changing. I definitely feel a greater measure of gentle confidence to share my faith with unbelievers. I’m sure there will still be moments where I’ll have to overcome fear but I have to say thank you to God and to RZIM academy for the tools you’ve given me to overcome fear and better communicate my worldview with gentleness and respect as well as understand an opposing worldview.”

“I wanted to do this course to clarify my own worldview first. It has helped me do this and it has lead me to understand that deep thinking is not something I truly engaged in, i.e. worldview thoought. My faith in Christ has become more holistic because of how apologetics pointed out the hope i believed in but didn’t necessarily really understand. I feel I have a clearer Godly picture of myself, and from that foundation, I am better equipped to be thoughtful in my responses to other worldviews with a view to seeing the questioner with respect and compassion. Thank RZIM Academy praise God for you all. God bless.”

“I have learned so much that I feel more prepared than ever before to have dialogue with someone with a different worldview than mine.”

“I have to say that my favorite part of my day has been signing into RZIM Academy, listening to a lecture, and reading feedback and comments from my peers. Throughout this course I have not only gained a substantial amount of knowledge in differing worldviews, but I have also gained knowledge about my own worldview and have been strengthened immensely in my faith. This course has not only helped me understand others, but has brought me all the more closer to God.”

“Having completed this course, I feel much more prepared to engage others in conversation about their faith. I feel more confident about using the knowledge I have to attempt to point them to the gospel message.”

“I realize you probably will get a multitude of thank you’s here from the other students, but I will repeat it! Thank you so much for this course to the lecturers, those of you who made the quizzes, developed the delivery system, and everyone else behind the scene. As Ravi said before this academy came out, an affordable, accessible apologetics training series was desperately needed! I will tell many people in my church and other christian friends who want to dig deeper about this class. It was totally affordable, systematic, and thought-provoking. This has served as a foundation for a lifetime of learning to get better at communicating gently yet truthfully with anyone (believer or not) and also widened my view of the beauty of Jesus Christ.”

“I thank God for RZIM and these courses. They are perfect for me. I have been very interested in apologetics for a decade but never really understood how to go about it. I always thought it was about developing that air tight argument and answer to the common questions. I realize how often I lost someone in a discussion because of that compulsion to explain or win the argument. HUGE lesson for me personally and what has made this course so valuable. Thank you. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you to all the lecturers and to all who have made RZIM possible. This academy is an invaluable resource to the body of Christ to strengthen believers in their faith. Truly grateful!”

“A big thank you! The quality and delivery of the lecturers was excellent and the assignments and dialogue have really made me have to start thinking differently.”

“I really enjoyed being pushed out into new conversations and conversation styles… but with new tools (the 4 point interview). The first time I did it I was quite rigidly sticking to the questions… but the second time I had relaxed a lot and felt more free to follow up the questioners answer with another question raised by his answer. It was really helpful!”

“Appreciate the RZIM team… And, I hope to re-enroll in the future. This was not about checking off that I completed or had high scores… More importantly, this course helped me refocus on the people around me and listening to them and being ready to give an answer :)”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May the Lord richly bless this ministry.”

“Thank you, this has changed my life and has been an answer to my prayers in better understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and worldviews. This course and coming under this leadership receiving truth has dispelled a very real fear that I once had in presenting the Gospel.”

“The discussions not only helped clarify things I learned in the lectures, they also helped me learn about things that weren’t in the lectures but I had wanted to know more about for years. The discussions with my fellow students has given this course a very personal quality – a quality that I find very engaging, valuable, and enriching.”

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