Global Report | January 2020

Michigan-based RZIM Itinerant Speaker Brandon Cleaver brings you the first RZIM global report of the New Year.

This month, our team ministered to diverse audiences across the globe. Ravi Zacharias spoke to 65,000 young men and women (a number representing 1700 universities and 86 countries) at the Passion 2020 conference in Atlanta (watch his talk here). Ravi also paid a landmark visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, with representatives of the Bahrain royal family and other prominent leaders in attendance.

Amy Orr-Ewing was invited to speak to politicians on all sides of the UK Parliament, just hours after a divisive general election in the country. In Ottawa, Michael Ramsden and Abdu Murray joined together to speak with ambassadors and the diplomatic community there. Max Jeganathan spoke at a number of key financial institutions in the heart of Singapore's banking district.

From packed university carol services to star-studded Bollywood Christmas music events, our global team was also able to speak to thousands of people over the Advent season about God's gift to them.

We're full of gratitude and wonder at the work God is doing through this ministry, and hope you feel as encouraged as we do in seeing how God is using our team to share the message of Christ. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

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