Global Report | May 2019

Key moments from around the world.

Global ministry news in a nutshell:

WASHINGTON – HAWAII – RUSSIA: Ravi Zacharias hit the ground running on his return from sabbatical with a three-week cross-continental trip that culminated in Ravi speaking at the most significant evangelical event for quite some time.

HONG KONG: Michael Ramsden joined Stephen Lam in the Far East for strategic meetings with key culture-shapers.

In a separate trip, Ravi joined Max Jeganathan to preach the gospel at an event titled "Why Jesus?’" In Ravi’s own words, “This place is an economic boomtown; There is so much success, so much wealth, but the heart still asks the same questions.”

CANADA: Vince Vitale spoke at Canada’s National Prayer Breakfast and had the opportunity to interact with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of nation’s most prominent politicians.

Logan Gates, Alycia Woods, and Nathan Rittenhouse engaged with college students at the Universities of York and Toronto.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Professor John Lennox spoke about his book Can Science Explain Everything? alongside Eric Metaxas at the city’s fabled Socrates in the City event.

UK: Simon Edwards was invited to Kingsgate Church in Peterborough to provide apologetics training to one of the country’s largest congregations.

Michael Ramsden, Sharon Dirckx, and Calum Miller were part of the speaking team at our Why? Series annual apologetics training day in the heart of London.

ROMANIA: Max Baker-Hytch visited the University of Babes-Bolyai to talk on the subject of the Historical Reliability of the Resurrection, a talk that inspired a non-Christian physics professor to go away and read the New Testament.

In addition to these events, one of the most exciting ways that God is working through our team at the moment is in the political sphere. We are seeing significant opportunities to reach culture-shapers in the US, Canada, the Far East, Bermuda, and Gibraltar. None of this would happen without your faithful prayers and support of our team. We are truly grateful. Thank you for standing with us.

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