Love's Unveiling - The Message of Easter, Day 1

An Easter video series from Amy Orr-Ewing.

Over the next two weeks, to help us prepare for Easter, RZIM's Amy Orr-Ewing has recorded a set of online video Bible devotions that will take us day by day through the resurrection story all the way to Easter Sunday.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 26: 1-16

These devotions include a key verse from Matthew's Gospel, a short reflection, and a challenge or chance to respond. Today we join Matthew at chapter 26 as history is reaching its climax.

"We are invited not just to watch this drama but to respond ourselves. Writing the series I was again reminded that what Matthew writes cannot be laid aside casually. If his gospel is true, a response is demanded of us. What will I do with this claim? How will I respond to this death. We meet a number of very different characters. Matthew is deliberately detailed in his narration of the events surrounding Jesus's betrayal, trial execution and resurrection." — Amy Orr-Ewing

The series is called "Love's Unveiling —The Message of Easter," reflecting the extravagant love and grace poured out for each one of us. We hope you will find something to excite and challenge you.

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