Where is God in My Depression?

"Depression is not a verdict about you that God doesn't love you." Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing answers the question, "Where is God in the darkness of my depression?" Hear more about this topic in Amy's new book Where Is God in All The Suffering? available to order here.

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Where Is God in All the Suffering?

This empathetic, easy-to-read and powerful evangelistic book helps those hoping to answer one of life’s biggest questions as well as those who are either suffering personally or comforting others.

If you are personally contemplating suicide, we are so sorry for the pain and despair you are suffering. If you are in immediate danger of harming yourself and/or others, we urge you to call 911 (or your emergency service) to seek immediate help. For those who live within the US, you may also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. If you live outside of the US, here is a link to suicide help lines around the globe: http://www.suicidestop.com/call_a_hotline.html

As an evangelism ministry undergirded by apologetics, the scope and purpose of our ministry is to evangelize and to help train Christians in their witness with credible reasons for the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we as a ministry are not licensed or equipped to provide professional counsel. That said, if you need someone to talk with about your situation, the ministry of Focus on the Family has people available that you could talk with. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-A-FAMILY (1-800-232-6459). You may also find resources available at focusonthefamily.com. In addition, we can share two websites of networks of Christian counselors. Through them you may also be able to find a counselor in your local area: caps.net and aacc.net.

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