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Christ’s Answers to Man’s Questions, Part 2 of 2 

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Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden Visit Ukraine for Evangelistic Outreach 

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Zacharias and Ramsden team up with Mission Ukraine to address church leaders, businessmen, and academic communities in Kiev during historic visit Continue…

Image and Ill-Repute 

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While many industries confess to struggling during times of economic downturn, the identity management industry, a trade emerging from the Continue…

University of Utah Q&A, Part 2 of 4 

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  • Why Suffering? by Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale

    "Why Suffering? Finding Meaning and Comfort When Life Doesn’t Make Sense" will be available on Tuesday, October 21.

  • Understanding and Answering Islam

    Join us online and in suburban Atlanta for this important and timely conference.


  • Just Thinking Magazine 22.4 Now Online

    Just Thinking exists to engender thoughtful engagement with apologetics, Scripture, and the whole of life.