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The Suffering One 

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“The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary…  The Lord has Continue…

The New Age, Part 1 of 4 

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The Constancy of God in a Changing World, Part 2 of 2 

Posted in Let My People Think Broadcasts

Shine Like Stars 

Posted in A Slice of Infinity

I recall with clarity a night when my wife and I were on vacation in California. We had spent the Continue…

  • God and Medicine

    Watch the archive of Nabeel Qureshi's interactive online open forum on God and medicine.


  • QUEST: Questions in Pursuit of Truth

    “QUEST: Questions in Pursuit of Truth” is an avenue for you to ask your questions to Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM team through social media.


  • Just Thinking Magazine 22.4 Now Online

    Just Thinking exists to engender thoughtful engagement with apologetics, Scripture, and the whole of life.